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Benefits of using zinc in various crops


Zinc is one of the 16 essential nutrients for plants. It is very important for plants. Its deficiency hinders the growth of plants. For its replenishment in the soil of the field, zinc-rich manure should be used. So let's know the benefits of using zinc in different crops and ways to fulfill it.

What are the benefits of Zinc?

  • The use of zinc in pulse crops increases the ability of plants to store proteins.

  • Zinc helps in the formation of chlorophyll in plants.

  • Increases the ability of plants to digest nitrogen.

  • It is helpful in absorbing light in various crops.

What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency in crops?

  • Zinc deficiency stunts plant growth.

  • Leaves start turning.

  • Zinc deficiency in paddy crop increases the chances of getting Khaira disease.

  • In mango, lemon, litchi, etc., if it is lacking, the leaves remain small.

  • The problem of rosette disease arises due to deficiency of zinc in apples and peaches.

How to supply Zinc?

  • If symptoms of zinc deficiency are seen in plants, mix 10 grams Dehat Ag Vital in 30 liters of water and spray. With its use, boron, molybdenum, iron, manganese, copper are also supplied along with zinc.

  • Zinc deficiency can also be met by adding dung manure, compost manure, vermi compost, green manure, etc., while preparing the field.

  • Apart from this, zinc sulphate, zinc phosphate, zinc carbonate can be sprayed while preparing the field or when zinc deficiency symptoms are seen.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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