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Combine Harvester Machine : Modern Agricultural Machinery for Harvesting Paddy


Farmers need a variety of farm machinery from the preparation of the field to the harvesting of the crop. Due to modern agricultural machines, many agricultural tasks can be done easily by plowing the field, sowing of seeds, spraying of manure and fertilizer, use of fungicide and insecticide, irrigation, weed control, harvesting of crops, etc. Combine harvester machine is also included in these modern agricultural machines. Let's get detail information on combine harvester machine.

What is Combine Harvester Machine?

  • It is a modern agricultural machine, with which the work of cleaning the grains can be done easily along with harvesting.

Which crops can be harvested with the combine harvester machine?

  • Many crops like paddy, soybean, mustard, wheat, etc. can be successfully harvested by this machine.

How Combine Harvester Machine Works?

  • The cutting of the crop is done by the knife fitted in the cutter bar of this machine.

  • After this the crop goes to the racing unit by conveyor belt.

  • Here the crop grains get separated on rubbing against the dressing drum and concrete clearance.

  • The grain is cleaned by the sieve fitted in it and the para is separated from the blower.

  • The stone trap unit installed in this machine separates the pebbles and pieces of soil from the grain.

Advantages of Using Combine Harvester Machine

  • By using this machine, the cost of labor comes down.

  • Crops can be harvested in less time.

  • The crop harvested by this machine can also be used in seed production.

  • With the help of this modern agricultural machine, the crop that is sleeping in the field can also be harvested.

  • It is also easy to separate the grains from the plants after harvesting.

  • This machine separates the pebbles, soil etc. coming between the grains.

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21 September 2021

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