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Major diseases of mustard crop and their management


There are many types of diseases in mustard crop. In which many diseases include leaf blight disease, alternaria, stem rot disease, blight disease etc. Through this post, you can see the diseases and prevention measures in mustard.

some major diseases

  • Wet rot disease: The underground parts are first affected by the outbreak of this disease. Along with this, the stems of the plants also become weak and the plant starts drying up and falling. To avoid this disease, treat every kilogram of seed with 8 grams of Trichoderma powder. Destroy infected plants when disease symptoms appear. Spraying of Mancozeb 75% @ 500 gm per acre of land on showing signs of disease in standing crop. Do not allow water logging in the field.

  • Alternaria blight disease: Up to 70 percent crop can be destroyed due to this disease. Brown spots start to form on the leaves of the plants affected by this disease. As the disease progresses, these spots also appear on the stem and pods. Destroy the affected plants to prevent the spread of the disease. To avoid this disease, spray Mancozeb 0.2%.

  • White ocher disease: About 55 percent of the crop can be destroyed by this disease. This disease is caused by fungus. Due to this disease, white or yellowish blisters are formed on the lower surface of the leaves. It also hinders the growth of plants. To avoid this, spray 0.2% Ridomil.

  • Stem rot disease: This disease causes maximum damage to the mustard crop. The spots start appearing on the stem of the plants affected by this disease. As the disease progresses, the stems of the plants rot. To avoid this disease, do not allow water logging in the field. Select healthy healthy seeds without disease for sowing. Spray with Carbendazim 50% WP or Mancozeb 75% WP @ 3 grams per liter of water.

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21 September 2021

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