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These improved varieties of cotton will yield rich


Cotton is cultivated for fiber in about 90 lakh hectares of land in India. Cotton cultivation is very profitable for the farmers. If you also want to cultivate cotton then you should know about its major varieties. Through this post you can get information about improved varieties of cotton.

Some major improved varieties of cotton

  • HD-324: It is an indigenous variety of cotton. Plants of this variety are red in color. The leaves are red and medium sized. The color of flowers is pink. The plant has 3 to 4 strong branches. The average length of its fiber is 15 to 16 mm, 42 percent cotton. It takes 175 to 180 days for the crop to become ready. About 8 to 9 quintals of yield is given per acre of field.

  • HD-432: The stem and leaves of this variety are green in color. The flowers are small and white in color, with red spots inside. The stem of the plants is strong so that there is no problem of falling of the plants. The crop is ready in 160 to 170 days. This variety has a cotton content of 39.3 percent. The length of the fiber is about 21.2 mm. The yield per acre of field is about 8.6 to 15.4 quintals.

  • Raj DH-9: It is a native hybrid variety. The height of this variety of plants is 140 to 145 cm. The leaves are light green in color and semi-broad-shaped. The flowers are yellow. Inside the flower petals are red spots. The fiber content of this variety is 39 percent. It takes 160 to 170 days for the crop to become ready. Cultivation per acre of land yields 11 to 13 quintals.

  • RG-18: The height of this variety of plants is 130 to 140 cm. The color of the leaves is purple and the color of the flowers is pink. The flowers have dark green spots. This variety is tolerant to root rot disease. The yield per acre of field is 10 to 12 quintals.

Apart from this, many other varieties of cotton are also cultivated in our country. In which there are many varieties like HD- 123, RG-8, HD-324, HD-123, etc.

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We hope this information will prove to be important for you. If you liked this information, then like this post and also share it with other farmers. So that other farmer friends can also get good yield of cotton by cultivating these varieties. Ask us your questions related to cotton cultivation through comments.


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21 September 2021

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