पोस्ट विवरण
Dr. Pramod Murari
DeHaat Expert
5 year

Wheat: Seed-treatment

Farmer brothers! By providing protection to each and every plant of wheat, you can get a lot of yield. For this, you should treat the wheat seeds. For seed treatment, put 1 tablet of Seed-Guard in 3-4 glasses of water, now 40 kg with this water. Pour the seeds over the seeds and mix. Dry it in the shade for a while and sow it. By doing this, the germination of wheat is fast, disease free, safe from rats and birds.

फसल चिकित्सक से मुफ़्त सलाह पाएँ

फसल चिकित्सक से मुफ़्त सलाह पाएँ