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Rakesh Kapat

Fungus ଜନିତ ରୋଗ ରୁ ଗଛ କୁ କେମିତି ବଂଚେଇବେ || How to Control Severe Fungal Attack || Septoria Blight Hello Friends! Subscribe to our new channel: Global Nursery: Welcome back to a new video. Today in this video I'm going to tell you about the fungal disease on your plants and what was the cause of fungal problem and how to control this disease by using chemical fungicides. Here I'm showing the composition of Azoxystrobin and Mancozeb. You can also use Carbentazim and mancozeb also. buy your gardening products: ======================= Cocopeat: Rooting Powder: Watering cane: Germination Try: Fungicide Powder: Join our facebook group: follow us on Instagram: Gears used for this video:- Camera: Mobile: Tripod: Mice : Thanks for Watching.. Happy Gardening...

25 October 2021


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