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Desi Jugaad
18 Apr

Unique Way to Grow Tomatoes in Limited Spaces

The cultivation of tomatoes can be done three times a year. It is cultivated in all seasons - Rabi, Kharif and Zaid. You might be surprised to know that tomatoes are the most widely used vegetable in the world. Its cultivation is very profitable for farmers. However, you can also grow tomato plants in empty plastic bottles at home. Through this post, we will go through detailed information about this unique method of growing tomato plants in plastic bottles.

Growing Tomatoes in a Plastic Bottle

Requirements for Growing Tomatoes in a Plastic Bottle

  • 2 or 5L plastic bottle
  • Tomato seeds
  • Soil (as needed)
  • Vermicompost
  • Cocopeat
  • String (for tying and hanging)
  • Water

Method of Growing Tomatoes in Plastic Bottles

  • First, cut and separate the surface of the bottle for hanging.
  • To hang the bottle, heat a nail and make holes on both sides of the bottle.
  • Additionally, make 2-4 small holes in the bottle to allow excess water drainage and airflow.
  • Then, tie a string around the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with soil and compost mixed according to the requirement.
  • You can mix 50% soil with 25% cocopeat and 25% vermicompost and fill the bottle if desired.
  • Sow the seeds in the bottle and add a little soil on top.
  • After sowing the seeds, irrigate lightly. This will aid in seed germination.
  • Now hang the bottle in a place where there is ample sunlight.
  • Then, at intervals of 2-4 days, keep adding a little water to the bottle.
  • Once the plant starts to grow, support it by tying it with a string. This will promote better growth of the plant and the bottle won't bear extra weight.

Benefits of Growing Tomatoes in a Plastic Bottle

  • Even in limited space, tomatoes can be grown by placing the bottle or hanging it like a hanging plant.
  • The temperature of the soil in a plastic bottle remains around 5°C higher. This promotes the better growth of plants.
  • Growing tomatoes using this method doesn't lead to pest problems.
  • Tomato plants can be grown at low cost.
  • We can easily get a fresh yield of tomatoes at home.

Things to Keep in Mind While Cultivating Tomatoes

  • Place the plastic bottle in a location where sufficient sunlight is available.
  • During hot weather, you can place the plastic bottle in the shade during the afternoon. Excessive temperature inside the plastic bottle can harm the plants.
  • If there is excess water, make 2-4 small holes in the bottle for drainage.
  • Do not let the soil completely dry out, as it can lead to the plants drying up and dying. Therefore, keep adding water to the bottles or pots as needed.
  • For the proper growth of plants and to obtain a good yield, you can use water-soluble fertilizers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to plant tomatoes in a bottle?

A: To plant tomato saplings in a bottle, first clean the bottle properly. Then, cut it from the bottom and fill it with soil, making a hole in it. Sow the seeds and add some water, then hang the bottle in an open area.

Q: What should be done for tomato growth?

A: Proper irrigation at the right time and the use of fertilizers in the correct amount are essential for the development of tomato plants. Control of pests and diseases is also very important. Along with this, maintain the distance between the plants. Control weeds in the field. Provide support to the plants so that they do not fall and the fruits remain undamaged.

Q: How to plant in a plastic bottle?

A: Several factors need to be considered for planting in a plastic bottle, such as the size of the bottle, the type of plants, the location for hanging the bottle, the amount of water, and the selection of soil and fertilizers.

Q: Which plants can be grown in a plastic bottle?

A: Many small plants can be grown in a plastic bottle, including tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pudina, basil, chili, lettuce, coriander, green onions, garlic, and others. Additionally, decorative plants like money plants can also be planted in a bottle.

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