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Desi Jugaad
9 May

Methods to Keep Stray Animals Away from the Fields

Stray animals are a common problem for farmers in India, which is a major reason for causing damage to their crops in the fields. Stray animals like goats and pigs can cause significant harm to crops. Domestic animals like cows and buffaloes sometimes stray into fields in search of grazing. Additionally, in some areas, there is also a risk of wild animals such as "nilgai" entering fields. The intrusion of stray and wild animals into fields is increasingly becoming a challenge for farmers. In such circumstances, farmers can employ some traditional methods to keep stray animals away from their fields. To know more, please read this post carefully.

Damage Caused by Stray Animals in the Fields

  • Stray animals damage crops in the fields by eating them.
  • Many times, animals come into the fields and trample standing crops, which leads to crop damage.
  • Wild animals like nilgai can also cause damage to structures like fences and other basic frameworks made in the fields.
  • If irrigation systems like drip irrigation, sprinklers, etc., are used in the fields, they can also be damaged due to the entry of animals into the fields.
  • These all lead to crop loss, and eventually, farmers have to face financial losses.

Ways to Keep Stray Animals Away from the Fields

  • Use of Thorny Shrubs: Planting thorny shrubs like cactus or babool around the fields is an effective way to keep stray animals away from the crops. Thorns act as a natural barrier and prevent animals from entering the fields.
  • Fencing: Surrounding the fields with fencing can keep stray animals away. For protection against animals like nilgai and other animals, you can create a barrier with barbed wire around all sides of the field. Whenever animals attempt to enter the field, they get pricked by the barbed wire, causing them to retreat.
  • Bamboo or Wire Netting Barrier: Erecting bamboo or thin netting barriers around the fields can also deter animals. This not only prevents animals from entering but also provides protection to crops from harsh weather conditions like hot and cold winds throughout various seasons.
  • Using Scarecrows: You might have often seen scarecrows installed in fields. The main reason behind farmers putting up scarecrows in the fields is to keep stray animals and birds away from the crops. When animals see scarecrows in the fields, they perceive that there is someone standing guard to protect the crops. This creates a sense of danger for animals when they approach the crops, causing them to stay away from the fields. Installing scarecrows in the fields proves to be very cost-effective for farmers. Scarecrows can be made from readily available materials like wood, clay pots, clothes, etc., resulting in crop protection at minimal cost.
  • Planting Medicinal Crops: To protect crops from damage by stray animals, farmers can plant medicinal crops around the boundaries of the fields or all around the crops. Animals do not prefer to eat medicinal crops due to their taste and strong smell. In this way, farmers can keep animals away from the fields at a very low cost and without any harm. Planting medicinal crops around the fields can also bring additional profit to farmers.
  • Using Solar Shock Machine: This is a machine that involves setting up wired fences around the perimeter of the field. Then, solar shock machines are installed on these wires. These machines are equipped with batteries that are charged with solar energy, eliminating the need for additional electricity costs for farmers. When stray or wild animals attempt to enter the field, they come into contact with the wires, receiving a strong shock. This prompts the animals to retreat. The most significant feature of this machine is that animals are not injured or killed by the shock. They only receive a quick shock, discouraging them from attempting to enter the field again. The use of solar shock machines not only protects crops from animals but also saves them from damage.

Have you ever adopted traditional hacks to keep stray animals away from your fields? Share your answers and experiences with us in the comments. For more fascinating and important information like this, follow the 'Desi Jugaad' channel now. Also, don't forget to like and share this post so that other farmers can also benefit from this information and protect their crops from stray animals at a very low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to protect fields from stray and wild animals?

A: Protecting fields from wild and stray animals is a common and significant challenge for farmers in India. Fencing can be installed to protect fields from wild animals. Additionally, motion-activated lights and sound devices can also be used to keep those animals away from the fields. In some areas, guardian animals like dogs and donkeys are also kept around the fields to make it easier to drive away wild animals.

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