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3 May

Modern Agricultural Machinery for Sowing

Traditional methods of sowing seeds can be very labor-intensive for farmers. Manual sowing of seeds requires more time and labor as well leading to an increase in the cost of cultivation. To solve this problem, you can take the help of modern agricultural machinery. There are various modern agricultural machinery available for sowing different crops like rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugarcane, etc. By using these machines for sowing, there is also a saving in time and labor along with the cost involved in agriculture. With these machines for sowing seeds or planting, we can precisely determine the distance between rows in the field and the distance between plants. Some planting machines also assist in weed control and pest control in the field which can result in an increase in crop yield by 10 to 12 percent. Let's gather some detailed information about some major agricultural machinery used for sowing through this post.

Various Modern Machinery for Sowing

  • Seed Drill Machine: This is a modern agricultural machine that enables easy sowing of seeds in less time. Different types of machines are available for sowing different crop seeds. In this machine, you can adjust the distance between rows, the distance between seeds, and the depth of seed placement according to your needs. Seeds do not break when sown with this machine. This allows for uniform sowing throughout the field. There is also a provision for covering the seeds with soil after sowing. Fertilizers can also be applied in the field using this machine.
  • Happy Seeder: Happy Seeder is a combination of Rotary Tiller & Seed Planter. It is operated with a tractor. In this machine, there is a Rotavator unit attached to the front, which prepares the field by incorporating crop residues into the soil and creating beds for sowing. Along with this, it also has a zero tillage machine attached, which makes it possible to sow wheat in the field without prior plowing. There are two boxes in this machine, in which fertilizer and seeds are filled separately. With the help of the Happy Seeder machine, sowing can be done on approximately 6 to 8 acres of land in a day.
  • Super Seeder Machine: After the harvest of rice, straw management is a big problem for farmers. Due to the straw, farmers often experience delays in sowing wheat and other Rabi crops. The Super Seeder Machine is a better option for solving this problem. With this machine, rice straw up to 10-12 inches high can be incorporated into the soil in just one pass, allowing for the sowing of wheat. Attached to this machine is a rotavator, which cuts and mixes the straw present in the field into the soil. This increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. The roller attached to it helps in leveling the soil. With the seed drill attached to the back of the machine, we can easily sow the next crop.
  • Rice Transplanter: It is a modern agricultural machine that can transplant rice seedlings in 4 to 8 rows at once. These days, various types of rice transplanters are available in the market. Among them, Japanese Paddy Planter, Self-Propelled Machine, and Mahindra and Mahindra Paddy Planter, etc., are some of the major ones. With the help of this machine, rice seedlings can be transplanted in the field in just 2 to 3 hours per acre.
  • Sugar Cane Planter: This is a modern agricultural machine that makes planting sugar cane easier. Besides planting sugar cane, this machine can also prepare furrows in the field, apply fertilizers, and harvest the crop very easily. This modern machine is attached to a tractor and operated. It has a unit for cutting small pieces of sugar cane. Sugar canes placed in the iron box of this machine are inserted into the cutting unit. The blades in it cut the sugar cane and drop it into the rows formed in the field. Sugar cane planting can be done at the right distance and depth in rows using this machine. This can reduce the cost of sugar cane planting by up to about 53 percent.
  • Potato Planter: There are many types of potato planters available in the market. Some of them are automatic, while others are semi-automatic and high-speed automatic. The process of planting potatoes can be done very easily and in less time with this machine. It can sow seeds at uniform distances and appropriate depths. Planting can be done in a single row of potatoes, making it easier to harvest the crop.

Which machines do you use for the sowing of various crops? Share your answer and experience with us through comments. For more information like this, follow the 'Krishi Tech' channel now. Also, don't forget to like and share this post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What agricultural tool is useful for sowing crops?

A: These days, there are many machines available in the market that prove to be useful for crop sowing. Among these, the seed drill machine is the most popular. Seed drill machines are commonly used for sowing crops like wheat, barley, and lentils.

Q: Which agricultural machinery is used for sowing seeds?

A: In India, various agricultural equipment is used for seed sowing. These include seed drill machines, planters, broadcast seeders, super seeders, happy seeders, rice transplanters, sugarcane planters, potato planters, and so on.

Q: What is the traditional tool for sowing?

A: Until a few decades ago in India, sowing was done using traditional methods. Instead of agricultural machinery, seeds were sown by hand, and seedlings were transplanted manually. Later on, farmers began using wooden plows, and dibblers for this purpose. Dibbling is a method where small holes are made in the soil using a pointed stick or wooden dibbler, and seeds are then placed into these holes. Over time, farmers have started using modern agricultural machinery for this work.

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