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Pashu Gyan
22 Apr

DeHaat Vetnocal Gold: Mitigating Calcium Deficiency in Dairy Animals

Calcium deficiency in dairy animals is a common problem, especially in the early stages of lactation. The lack of calcium in the bodies of animals not only affects milk production capacity but also increases the likelihood of several diseases. Severe deficiency of calcium can also cause death in animals. Including calcium in the diet of animals is very important to prevent these problems. To address such calcium deficiency in animals, a superior-quality product called 'Vetnocal Gold' from DeHaat is available in the market, that can be used by farmers. It comes in liquid form, making it easy for animals to consume. Here in this post, you can get complete information about the adverse consequences caused by calcium deficiency in animals, and explore the benefits of Vetnocal Gold product from DeHaat.

Consequences of Calcium Deficiency in Dairy Animals

  • A deficiency of calcium in animals leads to a decrease in their milk production capacity.
  • The teeth and bones of the animals become weak, often causing difficulty in standing or walking.
  • Weak bones increase the likelihood of fractures and bone deformities.
  • Also, the muscles of the animals also become weak.
  • There is a hindrance in the physical development of newborn animals.
  • The speed of their blood circulation slows down.
  • Animals become susceptible to fatal diseases like milk fever.
  • Pregnancy becomes difficult for female animals.
  • There is a higher risk of uterine prolapse during delivery.
  • The possibility of miscarriage also increases in female animals.
  • In severe cases of calcium deficiency, animals can die.

Overcoming Calcium Deficiency in Dairy Animals

  • It is very important to provide them with balanced nutrition to overcome calcium deficiency in the bodies of animals.
  • Include high-quality green fodder such as alfalfa in their diet.
  • Include supplements rich in mineral elements in their diet in appropriate quantities.
  • Give animals DeHaat Vetnocal Gold in the right amount every day.

Benefits of DeHaat Vetnocal Gold in Animals

  • Its consumption helps in overcoming calcium deficiency in the bodies of animals.
  • The likelihood of osteoporosis disease in animals decreases.
  • There is an increase in the milk production capacity of animals.
  • The risk of milk fever disease reduces in animals.
  • This product helps in strengthening the bones and teeth of animals.

Dosage of DeHaat Vetnocal Gold

  • Include 100 ml of DeHaat Vetnocal Gold in the diet of animals daily to fulfill the calcium requirement.
  • Give 20 ml of DeHaat Vetnocal Gold twice a day to calves.

What do you include in the animal's diet to overcome calcium deficiency? Let us know your answers through comments. Follow the 'Pashu Gyan' channel for complete information on animal health and nutrition. Also, don't forget to like and share this post.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Why are minerals necessary for animals?

A: Minerals are crucial for maintaining the health of animals. They assist in the physical development of animals, strengthen the structure of their teeth and bones, improve reproductive capacity in female animals, and enhance milk production. Minerals also help animals to defend against various harmful diseases.

Q: How to supplement calcium in animals?

A: Include legume fodder, maize fodder, alfalfa, and clover grass in the diet of animals. Additionally, include mineral-rich supplementary feed in the diet of animals.

Q: How much calcium do cows need daily?

A: The requirement of calcium for cows and buffaloes varies based on their age, weight, and lactation stage. Typically, an adult dairy cow in India needs approximately 50 ml of calcium per day.

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